Vizia dimmer doesn't poll anymore by itself.

I’ve got a slew of these dimmers in my home and they’ve worked great. Recently one light dimmer stopped showing the current lighting status if I did it at the switch itself (not through MCV or an app). So I can go and turn the light on manually, and as far as MCV and apps are concerned, the light is still off.

Everything else still works…

Before I tried unregistering and re-registering the dimmer with VeraLite, is there anything else I can try? Thanks.

Does the status ever update in vera after waiting a while?

I’m had two of my leviton dimmers fail to send their status updates to vera, just because of poor signal or routing (I think - both are also in metal switch boxes, which can’t help). I set vera to poll them once every minute, and that way it does eventually pick up the state change.

Oddly, one of the dimmers does now send its instant updates with complete success, after some messing around with zwave settings and network heals a few days ago - and without moving vera. Sadly it seems like the other dimmer got worse :frowning:

It wasn’t updating at all, regardless how long. I unplugged the VeraLite for a few minutes and now it’s working again. Weird.