Vivotek Cameras

Ok so I’m always asking for help so this time I thought I’d try to help others. As my search for Vivotek didn’t return anything.

I use Vivotek cameras connected to my NUUO NVR. My NVR is also connected to my alarm via simple i/o, and it is fairly smart to know if my system is armed or not. It’s also recording 24x7 HD video.

I, like most of you, like backup plans. So I have added the cameras into my VeraLite. Now technically these cameras are not on the supported list but they will work. It’s not a real video stream as much as a new JPG image taken every so many seconds, but it serves my purpose. Vivotek makes several different models and I’m running 3 of them and they all setup the same.

You have to manually add the camera and its not usually in the list of “appeared devices”. So you have to enter your URL directly and for these cameras it is:


Hit next.
Leave the type blank.
Add your username/password, if required.
Hit next.

At this point my system would show me the image as expected, so if your’s didn’t please verify the info.

After finalizing the install this is where it was a hit or miss. 2 of my cameras loaded just fine. The other 2 appeared as unknown devices and I had to modify them a bit to make them work.

Under the Advanced tab of the device I had to set the following:

device_type: urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DigitalSecurityCamera:1
device_file: D_DigitalSecurityCamera1.xml

After this the 2 cameras worked just fine.

Sorry if this was out there for other cameras or for this brand but I couldn’t find it.