I have successfully installed a VistaCamPT camera today but can’t figure out how to control it. When I push the buttons in the GetVera dashboard, the camera responds (e.g. tilt left/right, pan up/down) but doesn’t stop. In other words, when I push tilt left, it goes as far as it can then stops. I’ve attempted to re-hit the action button thinking maybe it turn off or stop the action off but that doesn’t happen.

Any suggestions?

I have not been able to use the iPhone app as it does not recognize my login and password info. That’s my next post.

I’m in the same position…looking through the forums for any ideas.

If you don’t mind I ask how did you configure your vistacam PT to respond in your dashboard. If I am in the same network, I can access the camera by logging into the camera directly via my browser and I can do whatever I want. However, in the camera device in may dashboard, i can only view. When I click on the control on the right, I get the message “No Implementation”. Did I miss something or maybe I am not using the right camera pluggin?


Hi! Thanks for responding.

I installed the camera on my home network and am controlling it from the Vera dashboard. The options to pan and tilt appear on the screen and if i push those buttons, the camera does what is expected. The problem is that there is no way to stop the camera from panning, tilting, or whatever other option is pressed.

It shows camera control on the right (i.e. left, right, up, down, zoom) but when I click on it, it says “No Implementation”. Have you seen that before?

I have the camera controls…but when I press any of the directional buttons, nothing happens. However, I do not get an error message.

I only spent a few minutes researching today, but I think you need to install a plug-in that enables the pan and tilt. At this point, I have no idea how to do that. I have a hundred questions already about vera vs. mios vs everything. I find the Vera sites to be very confusing and most of the official into is completely half-baked. I expect these forums are the only places to get an info.

I was having the same problem had to install the (VistaCam SD PT & HD for U15 ) plugin app . if you are using the U15 web interface. Also it didn?t work as well on Google chrome as it do?s with IE. It is slower on Chrome for me.

Same here - any help would be great…

Are you referring to the up/down or left/right buttons. Or the numerical preset buttons? Try to be very specific in describing things. Have you tried logging into the camera directly with a browser (while at home on the network)? Just enter the cameras IPaddress in your browser and log in. Does pan tilt work from there? You can set the preset position while there too. What is model number of camera you are using?

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My Vistacam PT was working i.e. I could view video and pan and tilt using the I_FoscamPTZ.xml IMPL file prior to Saturday 2.1.14. I updated the Vera firmware on 2.1.14 and lost control of the Pan and Tilt for the camera. If I use the I_VistacamSD.xml IMPL file for the camera the camera will pan and tilt but not stop it just keeps going until it reaches limits out.
Basically the new firmware took away the controls for the camera using the current IMPL files.