VistaCam vs...?

Looking to buy my first IP Camera to interface with my Vera2. Don’t want to spend more than $200, and the cheaper the better as long as it’s still decent quality. I will mainly be using the camera to keep tabs on my dog while I’m at work during the day. I see I can buy a camera directly from micasaverde for $170. Is that the best camera for my money in the sub $200 range?

If you do a little digging in this sub-forum. Many people have bought foscam cameras for under a 100. The FI8918W is the one to get. It can be had for around 90 bucks, it is pan and tilt with infra red for night vision. It works well with vera.

  • Garrett

Can this camera be used outdoors?

Foscam also makes a few other cameras. They do have a few that can be used outdoors. However, the outdoor ones are not pan/tilt.

  • Garrett

I have one the foscam ptz cams in my garage which is basically outdoor temps and has gotten well below freezing and I haven’t had any issues with it. I’m wondering if anyone has tested one of them outside, maybe under an eve or porch to keep it dry.