VistaCam Setup, need help, please!!!!

Hi, I bought 4 VistaCam because in the specifications say “works right out of the box with Vera” , but I tried but no luck. I need help!!! Thanks

I think we will need a little bit more information.
What did you do ?

OK, thans for the prompt response!!!
I bought a Vera 2 and 4 VistaCam (the Mi casa verde cameras). I can setup the cameras with my wireless network and the cameras work perflecty with the own page. When I try to add to my Vera2 I can’t find any option about to add the Vistacam. I try with the generic ip camaras plugin and with to much work (like 3 hours) I get a image from the camera in the preview window but a still image no a video. I look in the camera manual and I can’t find any information about the setup with the vera. In the camera page, in the administration tab under SETUP say CMS but I don’t have any idea wath is that. I think is somthing about the setup with the vera because say “Address:”. If you need more information let me know. Thank you very much for any help!!!

OK, I call to MiCasaVerde Support and the technician send me a mail with a new firmware. I upgrade the firmware in the VERA and I finally install the camera and work but the speed in the refresh is like a 3 FPS. Some one have the same experience?

PD: I add the camera thru the GENERIC CAMERA IP plugin, that is ok?


I am having an issue with this camera as well. I was able to access the camera using the utility program that came with it. But now I am wondering whether I have messed up the configuration. I have set the camera to dial into my WIFI access point, but I saw somewhere that this is not what was supposed to be preconfigured. I believe I need to reset the camera and start from scratch. Any help appreciated.