Vistacam settings?

I have looked everywhere on what the settings mean. I was able to get the camera online wifi, i can control it using pan and tilt. I cannot figure out how to manipulate the following:
Turn off the flashing light
Turn on the flash
use the speaker or the mic

Can anyone push me in the right direction?

I too and looking for the settings for the VistaCam PT, but in addition to wanting to shut off that irritating flashing light, I would like to know how to activate the motion-detection capabilities! Finally, it would be nice to know how to use the 4 wiring connection on the back of the device or the meaning/function of the “audio” jack? Strange that there is so little documentation.

-Randall Gregg

On controlling the VistaCam-PT I have found some of the answers in the interface for the camera itself. The camera is accessed by typing its address into a browser like FireFox. I have been trying to use IE11 with bad results. However, on FireFox and I presume others, things work much better. For instance to turn out that nagging flashing light on the front of the camera, you go to the System settings, select Indicator, and select the drop-down for “Always Off”.

I suspect there are other options to disable IR, etc. Settings for Motion detection seem to be there as well, but I have not decoded this just yet. There also appears to be settings for eMail.

I also noticed a Warning on the Foscam web site (the cameras appear very similar), to be sure to change the default IP - Port setting from 80 to something higher like maybe 8100. Apparently they have had reports of a number of their cameras getting hacked, and it appears to me that this is likely with the Vistacam as well unless we take precautions.

Has anyone sorted out the eMail for something like or how the motion detection actually works?

To access the settings for the VistaCam PT, you can follow the instructions in the user guide “(VistaCam PT) Make VistaCam PT Work Wirelessly,” at

We could not access the IP address given in the device settings until we realized that we must be connected to our Vera3 wireless router, not to our Apple Airport, but that was easy, given the facts that it already appeared as a possible network and that the password is printed on the bottom of the Vera3.

Once on the Network Camera page, the flashing LED was easy to turn off. Our bonus was the ability to set the “camera preset positions” using the small icons on the lower left.