VistaCam PT not staying in position

My VistaCam PTs reset every night to the default position.

  1. How can I prevent the nightly reset? OR
  2. How can I force the cam to return to preset position 1 upon reset or with a scene?

Lastly, how can I tell the cam to “goto preset 2 and take a 30 sec video when door sensor 3 is activated”?,23989.msg164575.html#msg164575

Go to the camera settings, the spot where you put the IP address of the camera in the URL of your browser.

Click on System > PT Settings > “After the call to start the preset position” > Change this to the preset number you said you configured. I used 1 where I want my home position to be. I woke up this morning and the camera was right where it should have been!

Problem solved!

Note, you must set one of the presets on these settings to be able to have a default position to go to.*

Thanks Tom … it works!