Vistacam Issue, motion doesn't stop

I’ve read several threads on this but none with a specific answer. I have a Vistacan PT that moves in L/R/U/D when controlled through Vera but won’t stop in increments… for instance, when you push the “right” button, it moves all the way to the right without stopping… same with all the other directions.

Has anyone figured out how to fix this?



I responded to this question a little while back:,18156.msg167529.html#msg167529

When you can’t stop the camera it means your in ui5. Also there are 2 apps on the Vera for the camera. One for ui5 and the other for ui6. Ui6 allows you to stop the motion. Ui5 is quite limited.

So if you have both apps loaded, find the Advanced Settings link. That will take you to UI6 and you’ll see the URL in your browser show this as well.

Find your camera on that page and the controls from that view allow the increments and better control/settings.

Awesome. Thank you!