VistaCam HD stopped responding

I had a VistaCam HD set up on Vera 3 system using wireless connection at a vacation home and it was working well for a couple of months. Then I started getting a “camera not responding” message whenever I tried to view it remotely. Occasionally I get an image for a brief moment and then it goes back to “not responding.” I tried the full power inclusion command and got a picture back briefly, but even that is inconsistent.

Any ideas why the camera stopped responding? The connection settings must still be working since I get a picture every once in a while.

I had a similar problem with both VistaCam HD and VistaCam PT cameras. It seemed to be a problem with the wireless connection since a direct Ethernet connect was perfectly reliable. With a wirless connection, when I tried setting up the camera to archive an image every hour, it was at best 50% reliable. But when I reduced the time interval to only 5 min the camera became perfectly reliable.

The eventual solution was to use the “Ping Sensor” Plugin to ping the camera’s IP address every 5 min. I set up a Ping Snesor device for each camera and now all my cameras work all the time.

Hope this helps