VistaCam 700 Motion Detector Sensitivity

I have a VistaCam 700 mounted fairly low in a smallish room. The motion sector senses the overhead fan movement because of flickering light on walls in the daytime and fires off. Is there a parameter to dial back the sensitivity? If not, is there a way to fire off a recording using a scene with another device as the trigger while shutting off the VistaCam motion detector completely? Thanks

Find out the IP address on the camera, enter it in internet explorer ( must be explore unfortunately) once you get in enter user name and password and will give you the options you are looking for.

I also have problems with the sensitivity. Don’t know if it’s the light shifting when the sun shines on the wall but the camera fires off my alarm as soon as I arm it. Isn’t there a setting which I can reach from within Vera to change sensitivity? I’m on a mac so I can’t use Explorer.

I have similar issue as well. The motion sensor is TOO sensitive and triggers multiple times during the day.

I’ve logged into the IP address of the camera itself and clicked on the Event/Motion Detection link

All I get is a screen saying “connecting” to camera, with no image. I’ve downloaded and installed the appropriate MPEG4 and H.264 codec packs I believe.

I see that there is a “Threshold Slider” by the Vera plugin, but can’t adjust this.

Any ideas?

I found a setting which controls sensitivity. Although, I can’t figure out a suiting variable. Either it’s too sensitive or it doesn’t trigger when I walk by th in front of the camera slowly. Sorry for my newbie explanation of where the setting is.

Go to “Cameras” and click the Vistacam you want to config. Choose “Settings” and then “Advanced Settings” in the bottom of the screen. Then the tab “Variables”. The second last row is named “MotionSensorSensitivity” and has 7 as a default.

I checked “switch to input type text” and lowered the number to 4. In daylight is it not sensitive enough and when it is dark a lamp in the next room triggers the alarm.

Let me know if you guys find an appropriate number.


I know its an old post but since there are no solution I will ask again. Any news on this sensitivity setting? I’ve tried to take it down to 4 but it still seems to be too high.

On my way to make this thing work. Thanks to a link I found that give us a details API for the camera.

In simple, within Internet Explorer (Important) you can check the motion sensor sensibility for the VERA plugin with this command.

and you can change the sensibility with this command.
This comand change the sensibility for the MD_Sensitive4 to 9.

hope this help someone…

Bumping this thread.

I see where you can change the sensitivity but what do the numbers mean? On the API site posted earlier it says values between 0-255 but I didn’t see what those mean? With a default of 7, it’s not clear how to reduce the sensitivity.