VistaCam 1203 Doorbell Camera Beta Testers Wanted!

We’re excited to offer you the opportunity to participate in the Beta Testing of the VistaCam 1203 Doorbell Camera! If interested, you must be a current Ezlo Plus or Ezlo Secure owner and will be expected to provide detailed feedback on your experience. Only a limited number of devices will be available and sent for FREE, to the candidates. If selected, you’ll be contacted with more details.

*We reserve the right of cloud disabling the doorbell camera if the required feedback is not received.

Beta Form here: VistaCam 1203 Doorbell Camera Beta Testers Wanted!


I signed up…

I currently have an Ezviz DB1 video doorbell integrated into my Vera Plus HA system.

Do you have any specs on this video doorbell like power requirements etc.


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@cw-kid The QSG and specs doc will be sent with the delivery. Or I can share some basic info if you like

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Hi all,

We love the response so far. If you own an Ezlo Plus or Ezlo Secure don’t hesitate to join ASAP as the number of devices we’re giving away is limited. We’ve seen some well-known names in the community but we want to give everyone a chance to test this out.

Beta Form here : VistaCam 1203 Doorbell Camera Beta Testers Wanted!

Will this work with with vera plus and vera secure too?

it only works with Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure

Well Darn. Is there another forum I should be using for Vera? I thought Ezlo/Vera were just different regional trademarks for the same product. What video doorbells do you recommend for use with Vera Secure?

My Ring died. and I want something with better integration, which isn’t a very high bar to set.


I signed up.

I am very interested in testing this doorbell, I did not have a good experience with the Vista Cam 1200. This doorbell looks much more robust and solid, if you have a datasheet that you can give me to read more about this device.


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Hi @ui677fik , we appreciate our long time vera users always and try to create a better experience through our new platform on Ezlo. So we can say that Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure series are on a different linux based platform and will bring a better user experience. We recommend planning to move to our new platform and meanwhile you can still use your existing Vera controllers with Ezlo Controllers.
For the doorbell, we have VistaCam1200 which works with Vera Controllers. But we strongly recommend trying out new 1203 series doorbell with 2K streaming and InstaVue instant streaming access. If you are interested we can include you in the beta testers group and send you one !

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Hi @Sorin, I signed up, do I receive an acknowledgement or how does this work?

Count me in if I can try the 1203 with a Vera. I signed up at the link

Hi @ui677fik

I am sorry but have to recall that melih stated that it works with Ezlo Controllers for now. I suggested you to plan moving to Ezlo Controllers.

I moved from a Vera lite to plus in the last 5 years to use a newer software update. How long will an ezlo “last” before I need a "zomax"or whatever the next version is called?

I’m asking partly so I can budget for buying new hubs as a regular recurring expense, and partly so I can plan to spend the time programming things back in, reconnecting devices, redefining scenes, etc. I prefer to set it and forget it when I can.

Some of my devices are only accessible by tall ladder and I want to reduce the chance of injury while resetting them. And others require working in electrical boxes and I know there’s only so many times you can bend the wire in those before it fatigue cracks. And if it does then I’ll have to re-drywall to replace the NM-B.

Ezlo should have a good 10 year lifetime from hardware point of view…
of course we can’t guarantee due to component failure rates could be different.
However, we are building a platform where we hope Ezlo will be the last platform you will ever need and no more switching back and forth and Ezlo will meet all your needs.

We are in it for the long haul!

Please could you share device information with me, thank you!

Are the specs not in the Foscam user manual here?

Due to the tremendous response to our request for Beta Test volunteers, we are closing this phase of the testing for now. Thanks very much to all who have shown an interest in participating. The good news is that if you weren’t selected for Phase 1, keep an eye out for Phase 2. All that have registered in this phase will have priority in Phase 2!