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Hello all, I have the VistaCam 1200 doorbell camera installed and working fine within Vera. However, I’d like to add it to my Blue Iris setup. The camera doesn’t appear to have http support but is supposed to support RTSP. I have its IP address reserved and I know the username and password by looking into Vera settings but no luck setting up on Blue Iris with RTSP. I’ve tried using a bunch of different streams including ones listed in the Vera ap under “streams” and “URL”. Basically I always get the same error about check port/user/password. I can’t find any mention of port in the Vera ap settings. Can anyone offer any advice?

I saw a message on here from a user with his setup for the Ezviz DB1 but he’s using http to connect and I don’t think mine supports that. I’ve tried to connect via web browser and no luck. I can ping it’s address fine and connect with Vera ap and I did try using the other user’s settings with http with no luck.

Try these.

Main stream:

rtsp://admin:password@192.168.1. 100:554/Streaming/Channels/101

Sub stream:

rtsp://admin:password@192.168.1. 100:554/Streaming/Channels/102

Change the IP address obviously and the username and password to suit.

Best to test the Urls in VLC first using open Network Stream.

If they work in VLC then add the camera in Blue Iris.

You won’t be able to connect to it via a Web browser there is no http Web GUI.

Thanks but that’s one of the stream settings I tried and it doesn’t work. What is the “Use RTP/UDP ports” setting? Should I have that clicked? I’ve tried it both ways. With the error code about port it made me wonder if that is used and maybe another port instead of 7000.

Thanks again for any input!

I have the Ezviz DB1 so only going off what I know about that.

So have you tried the streams in VLC media player?

I can post some screen shots of my Blue Iris camera setup later for the DB1.

Regarding port number 554 is standard for rtsp.

I have that unchecked.

I have an older version of Blue Iris but this is the camera settings.

Where have you got Port 7000 from?

It’s the one listed as default for that item.

Oh I see it now in my screen shot RDP/ UDP Ports - 7000.

Dont know what that is about I have it unchecked.

I have 554 specified in the “Media/video/Rtsp port” field.

The DB1 is what another user on the Blue Iris Forum has and I’m also trying to get input from him. He stated he needed to use the password gained from the barcode, I’m assuming meaning when it was setup. In the VistaCam setup, it set that up itself, I guess because of being set to use with Vera. The password listed in Vera settings is long as heck and there’s nowhere else it’s listed at all.

This is in the same place where I entered my password for other IP Cams I have that were setup with web interface then later added to Vera, the same other two cams I use in Blue Iris. So I’m assuming that would have to be the correct password to use but not positive.

I was going to try it in VLC but for some reason VLC wouldn’t let me paste (maybe my version of VLC?) and as I said, the password is long and convoluted. I guess I could type it all in if you think that’s worth a shot.

You should be able to copy the URL and paste it in to VLCs open Network Stream. I can on Windows and Android VLC apps.

Regarding password I forget exactly, during setup of the DB1 in the Ezviz app.

My password is a password the camera chose its not one I changed myself. Sorry can’t remember how it worked fully.

Exactly! But for some reason it wouldn’t paste! I’ll try it again tomorrow, have to go now, I’m in Atlanta, Braves game on soon. Go Braves!! Thanks for your help!

You can also use the Hikvision ivms client software and connect the doorbell camera to it.

It exposes a lot more settings of the camera you can configure.

Okay, the pasting issue was my dang password manager, it clears the clipboard after a specified time so that any passwords etc on clipboard are wiped. Problem is occasionally it gets screwy and blocks all pasting and has to be reset.

So using VLC it streams fine using the string you suggested but still doesn’t work in Blue Iris. What the heck else could be the issue? BTW, I have BI5 but still have ver 4 installed and I can’t get it to work on either version.

I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the excessive length of my cam’s password. I loaded the IVMS software and it found that cam, along with my two Hikvision cameras, but won’t let me enter my password. It wouldn’t paste either but when I started entering it manually I figured out why. It will only accept around 16 characters I think it was and the dang PW on my cam is 40 characters long. In BI I can hold the little eye with my mouse while scrolling through the whole 40 characters in the PW field but maybe it can’t actually take that many, who knows. Can’t find any info on that.

Also heard back from the other user on BI forum but his settings are using http which I assume his variant of the cam supports.

Yes some variants of this doorbell camera their firmware natively supports http jpg snapshot and mjpg video.

It could be the password length maybe. Mine is 6 characters long.

Generally if you can confirm that the rtsp video stream is working OK in VLC then you should then be able to get the cam working in Blue Iris.

As you can see from my screen shot of Blue Iris camera properties above, I’ve not done anything special to be able to add the camera OK into Blue Iris.

@Ioana @Sorin

Can you offer any input regarding the password length of the VistaCam 1200?

It’s 40 characters!

Yes so you said.

But you want to know why it’s 40 characters and if you can change it :blush:

LOL… I just noticed that was directed to others as well as me. Thought maybe you had just missed that part of my earlier post. Yes, that’s one of the big disappointments with this camera, no way to make changes to lots of stuff. I also just figured out you were same person with lots of comments on the intro page. I don’t really need anything associated with the button push, I trigger some stuff with its motion sensor, although I’m sure something will come to mind sooner or later. :slight_smile:

I have found another issue though. My front door is in a bit of an alcove that ends up providing shadow area close to the doorway and bright sun beyond. In these conditions anyone standing at just the right place is virtually unrecognizable. Fortunately they will walk through area with great view for the recording but I’d rather not have to check my feed when someone is actually at the door and find that I don’t have a decent view at all. I can just envision it now, someone rings the bell, I then have to use voice and say, “Please step two steps to your right and one step back!”

So the motion sensor device it creates in Vera for the doorbell cameras PIR is working well?

I had to use Blue Iris and a virtual motion sensor device in Vera to do that for the Ezviz DB1.

My door is also under an alcove, bit of an over hanging roof. I also get bright sunlight towards the camera in the afternoon. I’ve not notice any issues with the image though.

I did have to use one of the plastic backing mounting plates that angles the camera slightly to one side as the other side of the cameta is a wall, so needed to angle the cam away from that wall as much as the backing plate allows.

I use the button press trigger via my attached Everspring SM103 door contact to make the cameras image come up on all my Android tablets round the house. I am using the Rtsp stream of the camera in TinyCam Pro app on the tablets.

It also does a TTS announcement on the Google Home speakers via Node Red and sends me messages to Telegram app on my phone, which is more of an audit trail of logged events.

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