Vista Cam702 camera recordings history on android and Ios

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I have been doing tests with the vista cam 702 camera on my ezlo plus hub, I created a recording scene of this camera every two minutes to know how many recordings could be saved in the history. I found something strange, in the application from an android phone I managed to save multiple recordings from the camera but in the application in ios it only saves 10 recordings, deletes the last one and adds a new one. Is this normal? the android application has many more settings and functions than the ios app. (3.5 MB)

Could you please specify the app version for iOS and Android?
The issue you described on iOS should be fixed 3 releases ago.
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Sure, the app version for iOS is 3.59 and Android is

@adina.porea Is this record history saved in the cloud and on the micro SD? Or only on the micro SD?

I have never been able to record and retrive any photos or video’s from 3 vista cams I have. 2 700s and 1 702
What is the trick. They have sd cards

My VistaCam 703 and 1103 cams do record manually for 60 seconds max. If I created a Meshbot rule action telling them to record etc.

I havent tried many multiple recordings in this manner as it was just a test. So cant comment about the number of recordings it will do and store, more than 10 etc. I will try that maybe.

Both the 703 and 1103 cams do not record automatically upon motion events. I am told this is being fixed.

I also have a 1203 doorbell cam that on does auto record upon motion OK. Looking in the history I can see I have far more than 10 auto recordings for that cam however.

And Id also like to know where they are actually stored? Local SD card which comes with the cams or cloud ?

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