Vista 21ip vs DSC 1832

I read some of the threads and a little confused. I currently have a DSC I installed back in 1995. I know nothing about these two alarms systems. I tried to find a thread that compared the two but I did not.

Anyone out there that can point out the Pros and Cons of the two alarm systems?

What do the members here use for an alarm system?

At this point I was looking at the DSC 1832 with the EVL-3 - Envisalink. I’m still a little confused as to which key pad to get. All I need is the panel and key pads. My home was pre-wired when it was built so no wireless key pads or contacts. I just got my Vera Lite a couple of days ago and have my Kwikset deadbolt lock setup and running. That my only Z-wave device so far.

Thanks Again