Visonic App - Memory leak?

Visonic app runs for a couple of weeks then stops - Lua startup failure. Can’t get it to run again. Reload all the app files it starts up straight away for another week/couple of weeks. Rinse, repeat…

Latest & greatest versions of code - anyone any ideas?

Thanks - Chris

Are you sure it’s that plugin? One of my Veras does much the same…

Good point. I have noticed that uninstalling the Google Home App (which then reinstalls itself) can sometimes get the visonic plugin to work.

Sounds like what I experienced increasingly often with progressive firmware updates.

The issue seems to be related to the comm exception timeout function. A settings restore from online or a local backup would almost always kick it back into action.

The solution is modifying the L_Powermax,lua file to disable the comm exceptions parameter. I have not had a startup failure since.

Here is a related link, and attached is my modified .lua. It has the changes that tunnus implemented in his attachment. (23.1 KB) I suggest backing up your old one before overwriting with this one. Rename it without the parentheticals and copy it to your vera.,31613.msg243667.html

hi I have a powermaxpro V5 and lately a vera lite UI7 bought second hand. Can you tell me if the 1.2 plugin is still working with your mofidification. thank you very much.

You can avoid modding files if you change the CommExceptions variable to something less bothersome. I like to set it to -999 :slight_smile:
I just check on it every few months and set it back to -999. Luckily it accepts negative values, so you dont have everything fail when it gets to (+)10 from the initial 0

merci beaucoup