Vision ZM1702/1701 (Yale OEM) locks - can't get time/date restrictions working


I bought the new Vision ZM1702 door locks. Can’t get it to add to Vera. Running latest version. Door lock shows up but then error with security. Also, how do we reset the device to factory defaults?

Please help!


How far apart are Vera and the lock?

It’s best to have them right next to each other, and leave them that way for minutes after including. I like to do it through the GUI, so you can get a better idea of what is happening.

I do keep them next to each other.

I did press C 8 8 8 and then turned the knob. Also went to advanced and selected timeout as 240 seconds. Any other ideas?

It showed up as an device but because of the security issue I then removed it. Now I can’t seem to add it back.

OK, good.

It showed up as an device but because of the security issue I then removed it. Now I can't seem to add it back.
Did you try excluding it (again), before attempting to include?

When including locks there is this stage where security keys are exchanged. It has to be successful for subsequent stuff to work, yet it will not prevent the device from being shown if unsuccessful. If you watch the process through the GUI, you can see whether the exchange was successful or not. If not successful, exclude the device and try again.

Ho oTi@

Thanks, actually kept the door lock and the Vera on top of each other and everything working fine :slight_smile: So you are correct that it needs to be very close to each other.

Only other issue is that if I put time/day restrictions on a certain pin code, I can still unlock the door. Any ideas?

Also any way to get the volume down or disable the “beeps”, driving the wife crazy :slight_smile:

thank you very much!

Can anyone confirm if they could indeed get the time/day per PIN restrictions working? I can enter them on the Vera Lite’s interface, the PIN numbers work on the lock, but the restrictions not. So it’s definitely sending the PIN codes to the lock.


So I received some more info from the manufacturer, will try this out his weekend and see if it works.


Our R&D team find a way which you can partly solve the problem of PIN code issue.
Please see below info.
Please kindly note
Demo model: Vera3

  1.  Need to update your firmware to 1.5408 (Please note this new firmware will affect the time and cause UTC -8 hours. For example, Vera’s interface will synchronously change the time as your local time after inclusion but while you do the PIN code/User code setting and would like to set the schedule setting as “Y/M/D/H/M” then the UTC – 8hours.)
  2.  The disadvantage of this way is you cannot cancel the PIN code/User code but you can change the Y/M/D/H/M. NOTE: the remove button is only for removing the user code while you don’t do the schedule setting.

A clear example:

If now it’s 20/07/2012 14:00 then the Z-wave interface time will be also 20/07/2012 14:00. But, the time of schedule setting will be delay 8 hours so you need to set the time 8 hours earlier, such as 20/07/2012 6:00 ……understand?? Hope it help….

However, this is incorrect way to set up the schedule setting due to Vera 3 issue but this is the only term which can help you to have this function.


Is the vision motorized (otherwise how does it work)? Is the status of the lock visible in Vera?

Very nice product. I tried the Poly, very nice but problem with battery replacement and status update in Vera (after manual lock).

P.S. if you a video, it would be great

Thank you

I bought this lock a week ago.

Everything is alright but the delay is really bad. When i press the “open” or “close” it takes 4-7 seconds.
Is that usual?

The light switch and the plugin unit works instantly but the door lock ZM 1702 take up to 7 seconds.

Does the pin logging work on this lock? This and the lock button being pressed doesn’t I initiate a log event for me. Works if I close or open the lock from inside.

I’m considerint to purchase this lock but the delay might be a problem.

Does anyone else have the same delay?

I currently have vera2, but i’m going to upgrade to vera3. My Z-wave network has around 30 devices

All input higly appriciated!