Virtual Termostat help needed.

Hello all

I’m hoping someone can help me out with getting a Virtual termostat to work.

First of all, to explain and to verify my thoughts of virtual termostats.

I have a EZmotion 3-in-1 (and other temp.sensors as well) that I want to use a ‘base’ for a virtual thermostat so that I can change the setpoint of the virtual termostat and trigged events based upon whether the temperature meassured by the temp.sensors are met.

Is the former a feasible task, can it be done like that??

I have followed the,8510.0.html thread but cannot seem to get it to work.
I have modified the code to use my own device ID’s, but nothing gets updated in the virtualtermostat.

Right now I’m i a vacuum here and would love some guidance.


I have the same problem, please someone would be so kind to help us?