Virtual Switches to trigger scenes - please explain

Hi, I’d like to know how I can use virtual switches to trigger scenes please? I can’t seem to find the basics! Thanks so much.

I think you would need to use a 3rd party Logic Engine such as Reactor for Vera or Multi System Reactor or the older PLEG.
They could all do this quite easily, by monitoring the ON / OFF state of the virtual switch and then in the rules action you would run your Vera scene when the switch is turned ON and even a different Vera scene when the switch is turned OFF.

In fact you might not even need any Vera scene(s), what ever the scene(s) is doing? You can probably do in the rules action instead.

Or maybe there is some plugin that might fit the bill ?

Hello @highlydefined,

The documentation related to the creation and management of virtual devices in Ezlo controllers is internal so it is not open to the public yet.
For Vera controller, you may use a third-party plugin as mentioned by @cw-kid. Among the plugins you can use, you can find “Switchboard.”

In either case, if you need further assistance on this matter, don’t hesitate to send an email to our technical support department at where we will be very glad to help you.

I don’t think we know if the OP has an Ezlo hub. I assumed it was a Vera hub due to the category it was posted in: Vera Controllers, Scenes & Devices - General Vera Discussions - scene and that he didn’t mention an Ezlo hub.

Either way, documentation was released about creating virtual devices on Ezlo hubs, I wrote about how to do it here.

None of the 3rd party logic engines or plugins will work on an Ezlo hub.

Correct, Vera Edge owner here. I just can’t seem to find a simple ‘how to’ anywhere.

I can’t point you to one either.

Are you currently using Reactor ?

If not maybe take a look at the Switchboard plugin that was mentioned. I’ve never used it so can’t say how its works or if it will do the job you are looking for.

Sorry not much help really.

Do you have an example where you might need a virtual switch (I use several virtual switches in my scenes)?

Your device trigger for the scene is the virtual switch (I use switchboard) set to on in the scene wizard, define what happens in scene, set room, give a name and finish.

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What does the Switchboard plugin do?

Does it actually create the virtual device?

Are we not over thinking this.

If you have an existing virtual device say a switch or dimmer. Then a Vera scene could be triggered when that virtual device is turned On.

And another scene could be triggered when the virtual device is turned off.

In the scenes trigger just select “Device” and then choose your virtual device and then either the on or off state.

Yes, no need for reactor or PLEG for simple triggers. Switchboard creates the virtual switches, same developer as Reactor. it also supports TRI state switches.

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Yes your right.

I always created my own virtual devices so I’ve never used any of these plugins like Switchboard or the HTTP virtual devices plugin.

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I use Switchboard for my virtual devices.
Morning switch is triggered by first movement in the morning. The switch stays on till 9:00 and serves as a “status” switch so my scenes know morning started and can act accordingly.
“Dark” switch indicates the moment it turns dark in the evening and this triggers scenes during the evening and night.
Turning my TV on switches on the TV virtual switch which triggers a scene to switch off my Sonos.