Virtual Switch limitations issue

Hi, I would like to know if this will be posible to get fix?

i have a virtual switch working with an scene (when switch is on it triggers the scene, when switch is off it triggers another scene,) the problem comes when the virtual switch is already ON, it will not trigger the scene attached with the ON button, i will need to turn it Off and then ON again so it can work, any way to solve this??

is there any other virtual device i can try to solve this?

It looks like a motion sensor might be a better choice, since you should be able to specify the AutoUntrip variable to give you a time delay after which it changes state back to zero. See…

hi, thanks for the answer, but i think it will not work since i need a binary state that can be controlled
like 1 for open 2 for close.
since i would like to control the device trought the app ass well using a device

There is a “nothing VS” that could be your solution.
It’s a 3 position VS that reverts to “nothing”. In my case I called it Void.
You would need to create a 2*scene to set it to Void from either ON or OFF.
Allow a suitable time delay for this.

Good idea. I will give it a try and let you know

You may have hit the point where you need reactor or pleg. Either can handle a parameter with multiple values and monitor state change. The events would get triggered on their own unique values and then have a step that sets the parameter back to 0/default.