Virtual Panel Actions

Hello Rene,

Thanks for the suggestion on using the Virtual Panel plugin to group all of my devices into one child device. I cannot seem to figure out what I should input in the ‘action’ field for each of my devices. Attached is a screenshot of a button I am trying to configure to turn my TV on.

Hi Pabla,

To get the list of commands that are supported by a device you can use the http commands as listed in the wiki.
Harmony Wiki, http requests"Family Room TV"

You will have to replace the 66 with the device number of the plugin on your Vera. This will return a json formatted response. Firefox will automatically format it nicely, else use to get it formatted.

Cheers Rene

So I got the list of commands, for a different device and set the virtual panel config like this but nothing is happening

Got it!

Hi Pabla,

SendCommand you use via the child device you created for the Harmony Device or Activity. The Service ID is urn:rboer-com:HarmonyDevice1

IssueDeviceCommand you use via the main plug-in device. This does not require a child device to be created, but you must specify the Harmony device number, or name.The Service ID is urn:rboer-com:Harmony1

Cheers Rene

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