Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin - still working?


It looks like the “Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin” is not working properly on my vera: the temperature of the virtual sensor doe not appear to be updated anymore.
I even tryed to remove the virtual sensor and uninstall/reinstall the plugin, but the temperature is still not updated.

I’m wondering if that’s an issue on my setup, or a general issue…

Same here, stopped working for me too

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Would you mind sharing with us a bit more info on your set up? We’ll take a look into your controller and see what could be causing the plugin to not work. Feel free to open a ticket with us on for a more personalized assistance.

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I switched to " Multi Provider Weather Station" which has been working like a charm so far


Thank you for finding an alternative in the meantime, @mouch!

Indeed, this plugin works as a replacement, and even provide more infos than “Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin”.

I am still surprised that the “Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin”, which is an official one, is apparently not working properly anymore (in this thread we have 2 reports of it not working, and 0 report of it working). Does that mean that the UI7 official (from MiOS) plugins are not maintained anymore?