Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin (by MiOS)

I just noticed that there is a new app called Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin (by MiOS) available at [url=]MiOS Apps. The description is brief and states “This plugin will create a virtual temperature sensor that will display the outside temperature. MiOS weather reporting system is used”. Has anyone used it successfully yet with UI5? With UI7? If so, how reliable is the temperature reported by this new app?

Based on the description I hazard a guess that it’s displaying the same weather info already displayed at the top right of your Vera dashboard but in a device form. So you can access that data and use that as eg a trigger for scenes. Which makes perfect sense to me for eg operating blinds or shades.

I’m not sure about the reliability as I can’t seem to find info on where the data s sourced from. I’m already using the WeatherUnderground plugin with a free WU account since there is a guy with a weather station in his yard about 3/4 of a mile away that I can tap into from WU. Backup is a local airport 5 miles away or NOAA weathe radar 20 miles south of here.


I went ahead and installed the app on one of my units with UI7. I think you are correct since both temperatures are identical. The default UpdateIinterval for the device is 1200 seconds which is 20 minutes.

The Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin indicates 80.0 F. The WeatherUnderground plugin indicates 77.4 F. My outdoor Netatmo module indicates 77.5 F.

Segal’s law: “A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two [or more] watches is never sure.”

Under UI5
“Failed to load dkjson.lus”

I just installed this plug in (UI1.7) and it seems to work fine. My temp and weather display on my dashboard seems to have gone away though. Is there any way to get the conditions variable also (ie rain, snow, etc.)

I found that my weatherunderground app worked fine for local temp, but the stations I used were unreliable. Is there a way to determine if the station you are gathering data from is off line so you could switch to another?

Is there a way to use Lua code to obtain the virtual Outdoor Temperature? either via this Plugin or direct from the dashboard.

This seems an easy request, but as a beginner, I’m lost :slight_smile:

Question was how to get the temp from the VOTS plugin…

local DEVICE_NO = 30 – the virtual temp sensor device number
local LS_SID = “urn:upnp-org:serviceId:TemperatureSensor1” – the ID

local currentLevel = luup.variable_get (LS_SID, “CurrentTemperature”, DEVICE_NO) or 0
currentLevel = tonumber(currentLevel)