Virtual On/Off Switch and Vera House Modes

Can the Virtual on/off switch that is found in the Vera app store be added in a way that the home/away/vacation modes will see it? Currently, I seem to only be able to see real switches when I configure the various modes.

My objective is just to set the furnace fan state from circulate to off when away. As I can only set temp. in the modes, I have a virtual switch that changes fan state that I’d like to use. I realize I can just make my own away switch and set up a scene that way, I’m just hoping to make use of the existing UI features.

Maybe my switch can respond to the mode change with some scripting?

if it isn’t supported, I’ll make my own scene.


I personally use pleg to change the state of a couple of virtual switches, and house modes are easily usable as triggers.

You could no doubt use lua but I’ve never bothered to learn it

If PLEG is a little too daunting you might try the House Mode plug in, it lets you set modes from a scene, or trigger a scene from a mode, so will give you a little more flexibility.

Well that was an easy solution! Thanks!