Virtual HTTP Heaters - Alexa integration

I am using the plugin “Virtual HTTP Light Devices (Switch, Dimmer, RGB, Heater)” to control it by Alexa. The Light devices are working very well, but for the Heaters, the configuration on Vera is working fine, but the control with Alexa is very unpredictable (sometimes working fine and sometimes not… particularly if I use several Virtual heater devices, the first seems to work well more often but not the other ones).
Your help would be appreciated. !

I created the plugin exactly to control my electrical heaters and humidifier via Alexa!

I’ve since transitioned to ha bridge, but it should work.

Please enable debug mode and send some logs. You should be able to say “Alexa, set xxx to yyy” and turn it on/off (well, by setting it to heat or off mode).

@ therealdb Thanks for your reply. Finally, the issue was not with your plugin but with Alexa… I just change the name of the control in Alexa and it’s working now. Alexa is bugging when the control names had too much similarities. ! :woozy_face:

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@therealdb However, the available triggers for the heaters are a bit restrictives. It will be a good idea I think to had this trigger : “When the thermostat ambiant temperature setting change”, to always launch the scene when the set temperature change.

Currently, we can only launch the scene when the temperature exceeds a certain level

Not sure I could do much here, because I’m using the standard device and its scene. But you could certainly write some code to accomplish this.

What are you trying to do?