Virtual HTTP Devices Plug-in v2

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. I’ve been doing it with reactor, and no coding skills are required.


If you create an IP Device Template @ under the Integration/IP Devices area you can probably do it. I assume by your post that returns the device temperature? If so then you have to create a template for the device and then from the template a specific device. In the template you can specify the text string to search the response for, such that the following characters are digits to pass up for the temp reading.

There are detailed instructions somewhere on this web site on how to set it all up.

I have 8 temp probes working this way on Ezlo.



I’m exploring the possibility of using this plug-in with my VeraSecure to control several Daikin One thermostats which have exposed API endpoints for integration. I’m able to use postman/insomnia to authenticate (post), query different devices (get) and change setpoints (put). Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

if it’s just get/post/put and single query, you’ll find everything in the docs. I’ve honestly moved away from this stuff, and I’m just maintaining it, so YMMV.