Video intercom and door opener for iPhone

This is my second post. I’m new to home automation, though I’ve had some experience with industrial automation and wifi cams.

My goal is to set up my front gate so that when a visitor presses the doorbell, an app on my iPhone alerts me and I see live video. I’d then talk with the visitor or let them in.

I’ve got a Vera 2, a Kwikset Z-wave lock with handle and a Panasonic BL C131A camera.

Can anyone recommend a doorbell / intercom that will work well with Vera2?

Is there any obstacle to making the hardware work together that I haven’t foreseen?

For the iPhone app, can I use MCV’s? If I’d need a customized app, can I get some pointers on building it?

Thank you in advance. I have learned so much reading the forums.

Sounds great, but the majority of this project is going to have to occur in the iPhone app which would have to be created custom for this to happen. You might look at telephone intercom entry system that could call your iPhone, but this wouldn’t automagically bring up video but you could then pull up the camera app while on the phone with the front door.

I have been wanting to do something like this too, but we are just too early to get something that works well.

You could have a motion sensor sense someone approaching the door, have it ring a bell or chime alerting you to check your camera on your phone, then decide whether to buzz them in or not, and by then they may reach the door and hit the button on the telephone intercom unit and it would call your iphone and you could decide whether or not to answer it and talk to them.

A really good soultion will probably come from an intercom manufacturer with Smart Phone/Tablet integration and support, but it will be expensive I am sure. Higher end automation systems make this possible.

Thanks for responding. I was starting to feel like I was all alone here.

I’m beginning to accept that I won’t be able make it all work just the way I’d wanted (yet). A motion sensor wouldn’t work in my setting but, perhaps a push button from X10 or 2Gig could.

I’ve got the lock working and the camera is getting there.

I’m trying Automator app because it will transmit the image and it has push notifications. I also looked into SQ Remote HD and while it doesn’t work for me right now, John Millard, the co-founder was very helpful.

There are cameras with 2 way audio. I wonder if anyone has made that feature work through Vera 2.

I typically use the panasonic door intercom to trigger tvs to show the front door cam and call the home phone. This allows you to able to have intercom in any room with or with your cell phone. I know this isnt exactly what you wanted, but it works