Vesternet - Buy 4 get 1 free on a number of Z-Wave Devices (Fibaro)

It seems the guys at Vesternet in the UK are running some offers on z-wave devices, e.g Fibrao Dimmers at buy 4 get 1 free, which basically knock £10 (20%) off assuming you need that many.

OR - maybe those willing to trust and pool resources might be able to benefit too??

I don’t understand why someone would use these, instead of simply replacing the entire light switch with a zwave switch? It seems like this would be more work (double the wiring) for nearly same cost and you are still limited by the type of dimmers that work with it (push/hold do, sliders do not)… am I missing something?

Since i use the fibaro switches ( not the dimmers ) i’ll answer that:

→ yes, it takes some more wiring but not much.
→ it allows me to use the switch that i want, not being limited to the normal white z-wave or expensive vitrum switches and i don’t need to replace them all at once and keep them all with the same look. i just upgrade as my wallet allows me to.
→ i had a fibaro switch that burned. i just took it out and the wall light switch is working in less then 2 minutes.
→ i only use a 1x3 switch for my 3 way lights ( 1 switch controls the load, the other controls the virtual switch that toggles the light connected in switch 1)


The dimmer is just one of the ones they have on offer :wink:

To add to themagixboy - I currently have one of the dimmers installed, and it sits in the box behind a standard (basic) light switch.

At this point i should stress i’m not an electrician at all but once i got my head around it, it didn’t take me long to install it and configure Vera. I just needed three piece of wire to basically put the module in between the light and the switch.

The unit can (i believe) also be installed in the wiring in the ceiling rose, so it’s flexible. Plus if you like your existing light switches (e.g designer ones) then these are quite a nice, yet very hidden, addition.

Thanks! This sounds like a great deal, since it is also free shipping even outside UK! :slight_smile:

It is actually purchase 5 and get one for free, but still a good deal, and regular price is not elevated.

I love the Fibaro modules, they simply are better than e.g. crappy feeling Düwi (complete) switches, and since they arrived I have not purchased any complete switch.
Apart from the aesthetics/appearance bonus, they also works much better (direct feed back to Vera, dims halogen/LED’s, high power and has a quality feel to them).

Now how many do I really need… :slight_smile:

Edit: 5+1 with dimmers and switches that is, generic input 4+1