Version 2.1 posted (still to be reviewed by Apple)


  • PIN management for locks.
  • Support for the official Vera hue plugin.
  • Limited support for RGBW controller: color control can be used to set R, G and B channel.
  • Temperature unit override on individual sensors and thermostats. This only overrides the unit label; there?s no conversion done on the reported value.
  • Direct connection to cameras when on local network
  • Font size adjustment for individual controls


  • Reset Control Dimensions option works again.
  • Web tile now has the correct size in Landscape
  • Buttons on ?Rose? type controls now light op when clicked, to indicate which button was pressed.
  • Fixes issue with multi button controls linked to a multiswitch on Vera, in Rose mode (buttons did not map to the correct switches). Relink your control to the multiswitch to apply fix!
  1. when we can change font size? Not for all. Really need it
  2. how to use web view?

Ps sorry for my english

  1. Next version probably
  2. You’ll want to combine a few tiles into a single large one for web views (full width on iPhone). Add the web tile, then just specify the URL to the web site in the control’s properties.

Update: I had to pull the binary due to a serious bug and resubmit. The new binary also adds font size adjustment for individual controls, and fixes an issue with multi switches in Rose mode.

Thank you for adds font size adjustment for individual controls.


I have run into what looks like a bug with the MJPEG direct camera URLs in v2.1. The thumbnail updates but the full screen camera does not. I emailed logs and details to the support email address. Happy to help track it down further if there is anything i can do. Thanks.

@mda, thanks for the logs, I’ll have a look. I have noticed similar issues from time to time, but it’s not yet clear what is causing them.

Thanks for font size! It is cool!
But on 2.1 i have crashing periodicaly. how to send logs?

Does it crash at certain moments or under certain conditions? Specifically, do you happen to have 2 veras configured on 2 dfferent networks? That seems to cause a crash in some cases.

Yes, I have 2 veras configured on 2 dfferent networks

Nice work. I do still have this issue from the V2.0 thread:

I think the small indicator (looks like a rectangular LED, like in the on/off switches) will show up when you change the “Off” color from transparent to something else.[/quote]
If I change the OFF color to red, the small indicator shows up as red… whether the lights are ON or OFF. I’ve tried every dim level up to 100%, and the small indicator is still red. This is with an ON color of green.

One difference I see in the control properties between dimmers and relay switches is that with switches, there’s a “Draw ring when on” as well as a “Draw ring when off.”

In the attachment, “Kitchen Lights” is a dimmer, and “Cabinet Lights” is a switch. Kitchen lights are 100% on. “Kitchen Lights” has green color when on, red color when off. “Cabinet Lights” has green color when on, transparent when off.[/quote]

Strange, I tracked down the crash I could reproduce, but it was due to a vendor specific addition that is not present in the version of HomeWave in the App store. Are you still experiencing these crashes and if so, does this happen under certain conditions?

I have both a iPhone 4S and a iPad 2. Both under 2.1 will sometime display icon at the correct side and sometimes display them as very small ones. Still trying to figure out why.