Version 1.2 available

Version 1.2 of the plug-in has been released in the mios marketplace.

[ul][li]support for UI6 (and UI5)[/li]
[li]PowerMaster support[/li]
[li]support for IP connections[/li]
[li]added detection of TOWER 20 AM[/li]
[li]removed plug-in version from device layout[/li][/ul]

Thank for your great work on this wonderful plugin

After Vera auto upgraded this plugin from 1.1 to 1.2 (I know, I should not have enabled auto update) I lost connection to my PowerMax.
The Panel reports Comm Failure (in the display, and on Voice call)
The message area in UI5 says: Powermax plugin[113]: Starting Lua - And nothing more.
I’ve tried enabling debug and force to standard mode, but it’s still the same.

My setup:
Vera 3 - UI5 - Firmware 1.5.622
PowerMax Complete 5_79
Eprom:J-701798 B17.109
Software:JS702159 B17.106

Connected by an UC232R-10 via an NSLU2 running OpenWrt with the ser2net deamon

I’ve downgraded to 1.1 and everything works perfectly - As it used to do.

Any clues to what can be wrong?

And thanks again for the great work with this plugin


@hhg: sorry to hear you’re having difficulties upgrading.

Could it be that you have information stored in the ‘ip’ field in the Advanced tab? Before the ip information was ignored, but now you can connect to an ip address as well (which might be useful in your case). It needs to be of format ‘ip:port’ and will take precedence over a UART connection. So if there is invalid info in the ip field, you won’t be able to connect.

Thanks a lot for this new release. Happy to see that PowerMaster is now supported.

Is it still just the door/window sensors that report in real time or has there been progress regarding the PIRs?

[quote=“nlrb, post:3, topic:180519”]@hhg: sorry to hear you’re having difficulties upgrading.

Could it be that you have information stored in the ‘ip’ field in the Advanced tab?[/quote]
Spot on. Yes, I had the ip in. Once I removed that, Version 1.2 seems to work great.

I couldn’t get it to work with ip:port in the ip field, e.g - I get “Failed to open IO Port” and Comm Failure alerts from the Panel

What is the advantage of having the ip:port / network comm handled by the plugin, and not by the serial port setup/ser2net proxy ?

Thanks for your quick response


As I said before, this plugin was the cause to buy vera3<->visonic combination. An awesome system.

It’s nice to see this support.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Did you still have ser2net proxy running? If so, the two are competing for the connection.

It is simpler. The plugin doesn’t have to do anything special for it except opening the port.

I’ll leave it to the PowerMaster owners to comment on that one. I’ve heard mixed messages about it.

Thank for your great work nlrb. And thanks for including the Tower20AM support.

After upgrading to 1.2, I noticed that Event Log is not working. On pressing “Event Log Update” button, “Retrieving Information…” appears and after a second the button reappears, without showing any event logs. What could be the problem?

Did you reload the page in the browser to load the new javascript file?

Yes, even started new browser instances and same result.

I think you were right. Deleted the browser cache, it is working now.

Hi nirb.

I just installed the version 1.2 (I previously used version 1.0).

Something seems to have changed anc could be not expected. It concerns the reset of motion sensors.
If a motion sensor is tripped, it is reset after 3 minutes. But I discovered that as soon as I open a door (and so trip a door sensor), the motion sensor state is immediately reset, that is without the 3 minutes delay.

That behavior is not new in 1.2. If a status message is received, the sensor status is updated. So a motion sensor will show tripped for a duration of max. 3 mins.

I think it was not the original behaviour ?
Does it make sense to reset all motion sensors state when the user update the state of a door sensor ?

Yes, if a status message comes by (for whatever reason) the status of all sensors is updated.