version 1.0.608 available for preview

This is a minor update while we’re finishing the new version based on Luup. This fixes the issue with some versions of Internet Explorer not allowing the user to enter a pin for the Schlage lock. It also fixes the issue where earlier Schlage locks would not accept PIN codes in plain text, whereas new locks only accept PIN codes in plain text. And it fixes a configuration issue with the ZIR000 motion sensor. This will be an official update soon.

In the meantime, you can preview it by clicking Advanced, Download in Vera’s setup UI. Then copy/paste the link below into the ‘Firmware url’ field. Click ‘download’, and after a couple minutes, you can click the button to start the upgrade.

There seems to be an issue with the date/time - timers and network on Vera in this release.
I’ve fix it and this firmware should work ok:
Please report any other issues.