Versatile stopped responding today - rapid flashing green LED

Hey all, I have not been on here in a few years it seems. Tonight, I noticed my Vera Unit stopped responding. I cannot see the device on the network. I have reset my router and have reset the Vera unit. The green LED on the Vera Lite unit is rapidly flashing non-stop. When I unplug the network jack, this stops. It then resumes when I reconnect the network jack. I have checked the remainder of my network and all is well. This setup has been solid for a few years now so I have no idea what prompted the change. I appreciate any suggestions.


This is a network connectivity issue. Verify your internet connection and DNS functionality. Try replacing the network cable, moving to a different switch port, power cycling Vera after each attempt…

Thanks, that is what I thought it was but just could not get it to connect. I disconnected the Vera and Router last night after sending this post and fired everything up this morning - now it works. Strange.