Verra light & Qubino flush dimmer

Hi i am new here,

I have vera light and have multiple qubino flush dimmers.
I connected my puls switch to l1 .

The switch turns on the light and i can dim the light only when direct after turned the light on.

My problem is i can’t turn the light off or select any sene’s

Can some help me ?

Hi there.

I also have a Qubino flush dimmer set up on my vera lite.

I’m not exactly sure what the problem on your end is from your description, but from what i understood you can’t turn the light off via the switch that you connected to I1?
I1 on those dimmers controls the light dimming function. It is only compatible with push buttons (mono-stable switches) and does not support a generic bi-stable switch (those usually used for binary lights).

On my end when i connect I1 to a push button it works like this (the first time i use it after inclusion):
-Quick push of the button dimms it to the last level (in my case this is 0 because it’s the first time i used it after inclusion so the last level was 0)
-Holding the push button pressed starts dimming from 0 to 100%. If you release the button the dimmer stops dimming and stays at the level it was when you released it.
-A quick press of the push button now turns off the light. If i do another quick press again then it dims to the last level it was before.
-If the light is on when you press and hold the push button it starts reducing the light level of the bulb.

As far as running scenes, it is not possible to do it from I1 because it controlls dimming. For scenes you’ve got I2 and I3 inputs which basically work like binary sensors. When you press the button connected to I2 or I3 it shows that motion sensor as tripped.
So if you’d like to run scenes with it you need to set the correct status of I2 or I3 motions sensors for the triggers of the scene you want to run.
I use I2 to lower my blinds and turn the lights on and I3 to lower the blinds and turn the dimmer to minimum in my living room.

I hope this helps you, if not, post some more details on what you are doing or would like to do (and maybe a screenshot or two) and i’ll see if i can help you out.

Thank, there was isue wwith firmware of vera lite,
After reinstall of firmware isue was revolved