The latest update gets rid of the long startup delay and is iOS 12 compatible!

Kudos to the developer !!!

If you haven?t deleted your old copy of VeraMate, this app upgrade should preserve all of your settings.

Yes, but with Apple watch NOT WORKING

Looks like only Premium version has been updated. While I paid for the app (via key, not app store), this enables the premium features via the non-pro version. Don’t need to double pay… will the non-premium version get updated?

IOS App Store Versions:
Premium Version 11.12.2 (3 days ago)
Standard 11.11.1 (7 Mons ago)



I’m in the same boat as Paul… I had upgraded to the premium app via an in-app purchase from the free app. Both apps always got the update in the past, so why now is only the stand-alone premium app getting the iOS 12 compatibility update? I would have to pay twice for two premium apps for my phone and my wife’s as well as the other in-app additions I had already purchased…

I had read elsewhere the free version was working in iOS 12. Can someone confirm this?

Everything does seem to be working. I mostly use for geofencing; have not used watch in ages… app works

I can also confirm the free version works with iOS 12.

[quote=“slajgaj, post:2, topic:199885”]Yes, but with Apple watch NOT WORKING
Same problem here. Has ANYONE got the Apple watch part of the app working since iOS 12?

So even though I had the “premium” version of VeraMate as an in-app purchase in the free version from years ago which the developer never decided to upgrade, I plunked down the $3.99 for the official premium iOS 12 version.

I’m pretty disappointed because despite what everyone was saying, push notifications still don’t seem to be working for me? I have VeraAlerts pushing the notifications to the VeraMate Alerts plugin as I always did, but neither the message test through VeraAlerts or through VeraMate Alerts (“I love VeraMate!”) is being pushed to my phone. What gives? I thought this was all ironed out :frowning:

Notifications stopped working last summer so I migrated over to Pushover. Biggest advantage - I can filter my notifications. Biggest disadvantage - I have to open a different app on my phone to look at notifications.

I was using Prowl in the same way but I thought the new iOS 12 compatible upgrade of VeraMate was supposed to have fixed the notification problem?? I’m guessing that means that geofencing doesn’t work either anymore? What was the point of the VeraMate update then?

I feel like the developer could solve these problems fairly easily but he just doesn’t put any time into the app anymore. So frustrating as one by one, every Vera app I’ve used has gone under…, SimpleWave and now VeraMate :\