VeraSecure + temperature sensor zigbee

Good morning
I have a VeraSecure and would like to include temperature and humidity sensors.
Do you have any zigbee HA 1.2 compatible sensors to recommend?

Personally, I’d avoid using Zigbee devices on a old Vera hub. Some may work or they might not. Zigbee support on Vera hubs wasnt great.

The new Ezlo hubs however have better support for Zigbee devices. See here

All right

but I have VeraSecure in my installation.
And I would like to integrate temperature sensors for heating the rooms.
zigbee or bluetooth or wifi (protocol supported without having to buy a new controller)

Why not use Z-Wave ones ?

I would like with a screen
(a bit like the 433MhZ Oregon probes)

I use Oregon Scientific 433 mhz sensors with a screen on an old VeraLite via the RFXtrx Plugin and USB transceiver. But those sensors are no longer readily available. I also use Everspring Z-Wave ST-814 temperature sensors with a screen on my VeraSecure, but they are no longer readily available either.

Yes, you’re right
hence the fact of wishing to “pass” to zegbee

Could use the Broadlink RM4 Mini S Universal IR Remote Control Hub with Sensor Cable - does temperature and humidity but no display - inexpensive. Has an IR blaster as well.

Or Shelly H&T Gen 3 Black Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor. More expensive but has an E paper display - works well.