Verasecure SIM

I bought the versasecure with sim card but i dont see any options how to configure it.
Can i add my own sim card ?
What can i do with the simcard ? can i access it remotely ?
is there a manual somewhere on how it works and how to configure it ?

I see that my veraplus controller has a cellular option under net & Wifi but the verasecure dosnt have that option

I didn’t find either

The SIM cards that are coming with the Vera Secure controller are automatically activated when signing up for the VeraProtect service (read more here
These are the only SIM cards supported at the moment.

Is there maybee some progress in getting the sim card to be more of an standard solution. When buying the verasecure, i was beliving that it would help med use this as an alarm system form my house, but now i have been waiting for 2 years for a function that dosent exists in sweden.