VeraSecure Integration with Vista 20P

Hi there, I know this question has been asked many times but I have not found a post that addresses my question in full. I purchased Vera Secure and hoping to be able to take advantage of wireless and wired sensors, motion detectors and smoke detectors on a Vista 20P panel. Need tips on how to make this happen. A friend who recommended Vera Secure suggested that Vera Secure would recognize the wireless sensors directly. If this is the case great but what to I do with the wired ones? Is it possible to integrate them as well.

You could connect the hardwire sensors to a wireless door/window sensor but that would be crazy in my opinion.

Your friend was mistaken.

The VeraSecure has a proprietary 433MHz interface that will work with wireless sensors from Vera Controls (and possibly from GoControl/Linear/Nortek - The 433MHz technology was provided by Nortek, which owns a stake in Vera Controls).

The wireless sensors for the Vista 20P use a proprietary 345MHz protocol… So, no was of directly connecting them to a VeraSecure.

Your only options are to use an interface device for the alarm panel and a plugin.

There are two commonly available interface devices… The AD2USB from alarmdecoder and the EVL4 from envisalink. Each works and has it’s own pros and cons. Do a search and you will find details.

According to Vera’s web site the Vera Secure also has Z-Wave freq’s built in so you can use any Z-Wave wireless sensors.
But I agree that you should keep your Vista panel and use an EVL to interface with it through Vera. You can also get cheaper monitoring with the EVL4 than the price Vera is charging.

There is also the question if the Secure can use the Add on store like the Edge and Plus have. That is something else you will need to check.
I am also not sure if the Secure has the geofence capabilities that are built into the Edge and Plus. This is a great way to automate your home and security.

I’m confused, I’ve seen that Vera Link does support 345 Mhz (US) and 433 (EU). I’m in the US so maybe it will work. If it doesn’t work, any recommendations between the AD2USB from alarmdecoder and the EVL4 from envisalink?


I use the EVL4 and could not be happier with it.
If you are interested in seeing what is involved with the EVL, we have an install and use sheet with Vera UI7 and DSC. Again, I am not sure if there is any differences with the Secure and a Vista panel.

Yes. That is correct. My initial statement that the VeraSecure uses 433MHz was incorrect. In the North American model, the VeraLink radio is 345MHz.

However, the 2GIG/LINEAR/GOCONTROL/NORTEK proprietary 345MHz protocol is NOT compatible with the Honeywell proprietary 345MHz protocol.