VeraSecure and Ecobee3 --> Worth the risk?

I’m moving on from my VeraLite and my VeraEdge and just ordered a VeraSecure. Since I made the leap, I decided to change my thermostat as well. I am seeing a lot of discussion on Ecobee support. Do you think it’s worth the risk if I purchased a Ecobee3? Or should I stick with my Nest?


what are you hoping to gain from the ecobee that you don’t have from the nest?

Big advantage of the ecobee is the remote sensors. Also rumors from within nest that nest might go belly up and dropped by google but this is still a rumor.

Yes gwichman - the remote sensors.
I COULD just use remote sensors with the VeraSecure and integrate it with the Nest but I was hoping for a solution that was already packaged together. Hence the reason for my post.

ah well for what it’s worth i swapped my honeywell zwave thermostats out for ecobees and the remote sensors are fantastic. Totally solved my problem of rooms getting too hot or cold. I haven’t even bothered adding them to the Vera yet since they work so well on their own but may do so and put some geofencing logic in there at some point.

I’ve been using my ecobee3 for about a week now. LOVE IT! Using 3 sensors and they’re working as advertised.

Love my Ecobee3 but I upgraded from a regular thermostat. The remote sensors were a big factor in my choice. That said, it’s entirely up to you. You can get an Ecobee3 for about $150 now or you can go with the Ecobee4 with Alexa built in for the extra $100…

I have 4 Ecobees (and installing 4 more). I love them.

While they talk to Vera, I do not use that functionality. The Ecobee app is much easier to use.

The response time for the occupancy sensors are very slow, so they are not useful as a security monitor.

What do you want to integrate?

I’ve got the Ecobee3 and love it. I’m eagerly awaiting more info about the ecobee smart switches. PIR, remote sensor, and built in Alexa, but no word on if they will be controllable from vera or other HA systems or how accessible or programmable the logic will be for them.

The remote sensors aren’t supposed to be used as security sensors, they are occupancy sensors. They are designed to require a considerable bit of movement (over a few minutes or so) to trip, and then time out after a duration of no movement. They allow for someone to pass through without tripping or someone to be in the room not moving much without them untripping…

Mine work fine as a sensor - yes, they’re not fast but they DO work as a method of detecting movement if you accept the caveats (especially the delay). It is NOT a security monitor nor should be used to trip other sensors (unless the delay is acceptable).

I’m using a VeraPlus with and Ecobee3 and have used integration with my alarm system to do some not so clever things like turn off A/C set points when our patio doors are open. The Ecobee device in Vera makes that pretty easy. And the Ecobee is very nice overall, especially with the remote sensors.

This months project is to have my Vera control my Keen Vents using a combination of Ecobee modes and remote sensor temps. The Keen app is okay, but only schedules on 6 hour boundaries and doesn’t do much with the Ecobe other than read the temp sensors. The simple use case is throttling the main floor vents down some to help heat / cool the upstairs bedroom a little faster. Seems to work under manual control but I want to roll this into my Vera as well. Should be fun.