VeraSecure, Amazon, and Roller Shade Controls

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently setup a new VeraSecure to control some Somfy roller shades. Everything works fine from within the Vera app or on the PC including scenes I have. I then connected the Vera controller to Amazon Alexa. I was successful at saying, “Amazon, turn on Office Shades Open” or “Amazon, turn on Office Shades Closed”. This worked great for all of the shades throughout the house. I had multiple scenes so I could do, “Amazon, turn on All Shades Open or Closed”. Now today when I issue my verbal commands I get the response from Alexa “That command does not work on device (Office Shades Open)” or whichever device I’m trying to control. I haven’t made any changes so not sure why it worked for a spell and now it’s not.

Thanks for any advice or directions!

Thank you, looks like it’s been resolved as those those ‘scenes’ are now again controllable via Vera.