Vera's WiFi Stability

I’m trying to find out if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. I have to reboot my Vera on daily basis in order to hit the WiFi with my Laptop or iPod. BTW, I have the latest firmware and it is the only wireless device in my house sitting in front of a wired only business class Time Warner cable modem/service.


I can’t speak for using it as a Wireless NAT router, but I have mine in Client mode, and it’s VERY stable. From what I can tell my Vera reboots itself here and there due to either Vera or a Z-wave bug, so Im sure that adds to the reliability, which sounds kinda weird. :slight_smile:

I had the same problem when I updated to the “latest” firmware - ultimately I ended up backdating to .979 where everything just worked. Staying there till UI4 is stable then maybe…

I am running 994 and don’t have any problems with the WiFi. I have it behind an Actiontec router, so maybe I am accessing it through the primary router. Don’t know, don’t care, it works.

I had a lot of problems with my Vera. I went up and down the stairs so many times, to unplug and re-plug the dongle that I now have Vera plugged into an X10 module so that I could reboot from upstairs with a remote.

I have mine configured as a switch but still use the Vera WiFi with my iPhone as I quite often turn off my main router and a bunch of other stuff off with an appliance module to save power. I do it this way as I wouldn’t be able to turn it back on if it was connected to my main router WiFi :slight_smile: In the last 2-3 weeks since its been configured this way, I had one lock up that required a Vera power cycle. I’m running UI3 though!

I find that the best way to setup things is to separate WiFi from router, I can’t even think about having router, wifi, and Vera all in one box… IMHO the best way to use Vera’s wifi is as wireless bridge in case user wants to place it far from the router

Well, my thoughts were to streamline and use as few pieces of hardware as possible and at the time Vera made sense. But as we all have come to realize this is a work in progress. Realistically we are alpha testers as some of the basic functionalities of Vera are not what one would consider reliable. By the way my unit is now bricked. Oh well, I’m kind of to blame since I gave too much credence to MCV’s claims. I simply did not want to invest the amount of time it takes to keep this thing up and running. I thought would be sort of plug and play.

Mine got bricked during the 1.1.319 firmware upgrade and MCV replaced it after they could not fix it remotely. They sent me one wiht 1.0.994 and I am happier with the older interface.

Oh, people… They don’t like mass market stuff, granted; but when something innovative coming out of small brand they still want all the mass market goodness… But it either here, or there