VeraPlus ZWave Chip Failed After Support Did Something

I had an issue with a new ZWave device not adding and working correctly, even though it is stated as being supported in the latest firmware of the version. So I raised a support ticket - hey presto within an hour somebody responded from support saying they can fix it and could I enable remote access. Following morning I got an e-mail from support that they’d made some changes (didn’t say what) and all should be good now, would just need to try the inclusion again for that device.

To my horror when I logged in the VeraPlus was reporting it had lost connection to ALL my ZWave devices!!!

Immediately tried to contact support asking what had they done etc. etc. Guess what - no response!!

Tried restoring from last good backup that included Zwave backup. Same result can’t communicate with any of my 40+ something devices. I than also tried to add a new device - doesn’t work, VeraPlus can’t seem to see the new device in inclusion mode.

I have no idea what changes support made and they’re not responding to my constant chases for updates. In the meantime I’m left with a completely useless VeraPlus and can’t control some stuff in my house because it’s hard wired with ZWave relays. Really don’t fancy having to re-include everything and looks like Support have completely broken my VeraPlus anyway.

After the many BRICKED issues I’ve had at numerous times in the past I think it’s time to look at an alternative to Vera therefore!

Any recommendations as to alternatives?

Let me ask the obvious question—did you power-cycle the Vera? If the Z-Wave co-processor got wedged, this should get it back in operation.

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Yes that was the first thing I did and it was also power cycled after the restore. Left it un-powered for couple of minutes. Still stuffed :frowning:

In my experience, sometimes the z-wave configuration becomes partially corrupted. Often the z-wave network will continue to function, but attempting to back it up or add to it will generate failure notifications in the log. If you don’t have a backup before the corruption appeared (and there is nothing to tell you when it appeared), then you are in a tough place - you are going to have to exclude and re-include the z-wave devices.

I went to upgrade the VeraLite in my office to the most current firmware for it yesterday, and ran into this exact issue. I started to back it up before the upgrade and Z-wave network backup did not respond as normal. The last successful z-wave network backup was months prior, so I ended up doing a factory reset, upgrading the firmware, and then loading from backup without the z-wave network. I then exluded and re-included the roughly 10 devices on that system.

I would start by looking at the LuaUPnP log when you try to add the device and see if you get a z-wave error…

It was all working fine until Vera Support remote’d into my box, since then it’s become a door stop.

I’ve asked them to investigate further, but zip response.

@ashbytaylors I apologise for your experience. I found your ticket in our system and we’re actively performing deeper investigations. We already have some ideas about why this happened and we’ll follow-up with a proposed solution shortly.

In the meantime I will also be conducting a full investigation to understand exactly what happened and what is the actual source of the problem and take the appropriate corrective actions.

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Ok support have been in touch and updated the ZWave Chip firmware and all is working again (PHEW).

In addition I’ve managed to get the problematic sensor working and included correctly. Found a post of on the old forum that says for Fibaro devices on VeraPlus keep triple clicking the inclusion button all the way through the inclusion process. This certainly worked for me!

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