VeraPlus with Vistacam

I just purchased a vistacam 700 camera and a vistacam 1200 bell. Both of these products are available from the Vera store site and should be easy to install and configure.

However, I cannot integrate anything on my VeraPlus. :rage: I followed the instructions as described without success.

  1. Last step for ringer says wait 10-15 mins after wifi setup finished (???) but nothing added
  2. The camera image never came for the vistacam 700. So I tried the manual setup and I don’t see the camera’s MAC address on the list displayed.
  • My Veraplus is connected via the Ethernet cable with automatic configuration for the Internet
  • I tried to connect the cams to my 2.4Ghz wifi router (same Lan as Ethernet socket) and also directly to the mios 2.4Ghz wifi. None of this works.

Is it normal to have so many integration issues with products that should be standardized and tested on Vera controllers?

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Hello @Raynald_Gelinas

I strongly recommend you reset both cameras and then with the VistaCam 700 try to do it with the wired set-up and then switch it over to Wi-Fi.

As per the doorbell I highly recommend you switch your controller over to Wi-Fi for this set-up to avoid any problems with the subnet of your network. then try to follow the instructions to install the doorbell.

Please let us know how it goes.

Don’t work even with the wired option. :rage:

I feel like I got scammed buying these products !

When I try a manual Installation, the list of devices are all on subnet, but my router subnet is

What is the problem ?

And the Vera support line is worst than ever !

Hello @Raynald_Gelinas

I’m sorry to hear that, I will have an agent contact you as soon as possible.

Leonardo_Soto: How about you tell us all how to fix it. It’s a real pain in the arse.

The answer received from the Vera support team is that this issue is on the iOS mobile application side.

However, I don’t understant why after the initial configuration of the Vistacam 1200, the iOS mobile application is online but if I reboot or reload Luup, the status of the Vistacam become Offline.

What changed on the Vera controller side after that reload ?!?!

This problem is really irritating and it doesn’t seem to be a priority for the support team.