Veraplus UI vs old UI

My Vera 3 had become pretty much useless (would not run scenes, any changes would take 5-6 minutes to save, etc.) so I bit the bullet and upgraded to the VeraPlus this weekend. After the first unit was nearly dead out of the box I got the next one up and running and with a few changes I was back in business. However changing to the new UI is a frustrating experience.

The old UI was ugly, but it was very quick to get stuff done. Whether it be firing a scene, changing a state, adding a scene or whatever I could do it very quickly. This, of course was until my old unit started to slow down. With the new interface it seems like a nice looking interface, but it takes a lot longer to get anything done, with lots of scrolling and lots of unused whitespace.

Try the Alternative UI created by @amg0 here: AltUI Read Me. It’s a world apart from the mess that is UI7. I think you’ll like it.

I’ll check it out when I get home. Thanks for the tip!