VeraPlus support

I used a Vera for 5 years and somehow I’ve never heard of VeraMate. I was so excited to find it I bought the premium version without testing the free version first. I just switch to the VeraPlus controller and it doesn’t appear to be compatible. When I login to the app it just says “Errored.” and retries about 30 times before I cancel it. Is the VeraPlus supported?

In the diagnostics it says “Error: Connection timed out (server down?) (”

Well I’m glad you’ve found us :slight_smile:

Considering it looks like you are running UI7, it should have no problems… There is a known issue that is being looked into where some users experience VeraMate having trouble reconnecting to a UI7 controller, and needs to be restarted, but I’m not sure if that is your problem. Could you pop an email to support via settings/contact, and I can look into it further.

I rebooted the VeraPlus and it connected just fine, thanks!

Separately, it would be nice if VeraMate supported the iPhone 6 screen size - everything looks a bit stretched.

I have a problem too. From my iPad I get Unknown Error (-10)

What’s been going on with support the last few days, they have not been reachable by phone?