VeraPlus suddenly "16 devices are no longer detected"

Everything has been working for years. Suddenly, last night, I couldn’t turn some things on or off. I check UI7 and saw the errors. I tried configuring one and I got “unable to get information on node”. Sending commands does not succeed. I restored a backup from January and after reboot, same issue. I waited over night and still have the same devices not detected. Can someone provide some guidance on what I need to do?

BTW, I have many devices that still work and I can control.

Well it took a couple days and the controller found all the devices again. Now, however, no scheduled scenes are running. I logged in and tailed the log file and watched a scheduled test scene fire and it looks like it runs, but it doesn’t change the state of the affected device. I can manually run the scene and it runs just fine. Any thoughts?

I solved my problem. In trying to increase stability after all the devices magically reconnected, I did the changes suggested by rafael (sp) including disabling the time jump reload.

I then found this when looking around about polling battery devices.

" if you disable time jump reload, any time triggered scenes will not work." in this post…

That is apparently a fact. I seemed to have gotten everything back by modifying the time on every scene to a minute from now, let it run and then set it back to the original time.

Where is “time jump reload” located? is it a per device or an overall setup for the V+

Hi @chrlsrchrdsn

It is a global attribute and you can enable it or disable it by executing the following LUUP code.

Enable: luup.attr_set("ReloadOnTimeJumps",“1”)
Disable: luup.attr_set("ReloadOnTimeJumps",“0”)

By the way, my original method of changing the time did NOT work to restart the time-triggered scenes. Running " luup.attr_set(“ReloadOnTimeJumps”,“1”)" in the developer’s luup test did correct everything.

One other thing that was recommended due to the method I had at least one scene setup was to use Reactor instead. Wow! What a fantastic plugin. I am now able to do all the neat things with my garage lights now that would have taken programming before. I highly recommend it and plan to donate to toggledbits for creating it.