Polling and polling frequency of Vera Plus

I had a Zooz Zen20 that was flooding the Z-wave network. I was able to solve the problem by upgrading the firmware to 2.2 and setting the polling frequency parameters in the Zen20 to 3600(1hour). I noticed in the logs that the Zen20 was still being polled at 1 or 2 minute frequencies. Zooz recommended turning off the Vera polling to convince myself that it was not the Zen20. I did exactly that ( Settings-> Z-wave Setting->Uncheck the “Poll Nodes”) and sure enough the polling rate of the Zen20 became very constant at 1 hour. So I decided to leave the polling off for a few days. I experienced no ill behavior although maybe something bad is going on under the covers. I believe that all my reactors are functioning ok and assume they wouldn’t use polled data since they all behave in real time.
So the question I have is why does the Vera poll devices in the first place? If the devices send state changes in real time, what value is the polled data. It seems that slowing the polling or turning it off would only help system stability for a controller that always seems like it is about ready to fall over.

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A lot of those questions have been answered by a former contributor whos now been banned. Zwave Network On Vera Explained

Basically you only need to poll a/c powered devices often that dont have instant status. You can use the codes posted in the topic to properly turn off polling.

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Vera’s polling engine is completely broken if you have more than about 50 ZWave nodes in your mesh. The recommendation to disable polling isn’t a practical solution, because some legacy devices still in common use don’t do instant status, and Vera also seems to easily lose the lifeline association on devices for reasons unknown. I’ve bypassed Vera’s polling for all but battery devices (which don’t really poll, per se) using a replacement that I wrote some months ago and have been testing. My Plus is normally quite stable, but it’s even better now. That said, I seem to consistently have better luck with system stability than a lot of folks, for who knows what reasons. But if you want to try it, I can make it available to you. It reverses out easily if it happens to create problems.

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if you code share it id love to try it!

@rigpapa I would love to give it a shot.

@Pabla, the discussion you directed me to is great. How many of the recommended changes(disable nightly heal, disable the wakeup NNU, time jump reload, etc) are applicable to the latest Vera Plus firmware - 7.31? Have any of the things that Rafale77 suggest been implemented in the latest firmware?

They are all applicable to 7.31. I would recommend making all those changes as its helped stabilize my VP. One note however, if you disable time jump reload, any time triggered scenes will not work. None of these changes have been implemented by default.

Thanks. I do not use a single scene, only reactors. @rigpapa how will the time triggered reactors be affected by disabling the time jump reload?

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I don’t think there will be any effect. Reactor has all of its own timing, and even detects time jumps on its own. I haven’t changed that setting on my systems, because I have pretty stable time bases in my network that I use. Should be OK to set it, though. If not, we’ll just deal with it and make it work if we can.

Ok, thanks. I will probably make these changes over the weekend so I have plenty of time to recover.

OK. It’s now up, here: https://github.com/toggledbits/Vera-PollRepair

The README.md file has all the install docs and background information. There’s really nothing to configure. You just (back up first, then) install it, turn it on, and watch it brrrrr…

HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL. Try at your own risk. Make sure you have a good backup, including the ZWave dongle. This has been working great for me for months, but I don’t have all the devices that everyone has – there’s a lot of variety out there I don’t have access to.

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I’ve installed it but don’t see a device. Do I have to create one?

Dang it, I knew I was forgetting something… :smiley:

Go to Apps > Develop apps > Create device

Description: PollRepair
UPnP Device Filename: D_PollRepair.xml
UPnP Implementation Filename: I_PollRepair.xml

Blanks are fine for the remainder. Hit the button! Then reload Luup… hard refresh…

I’ll update the README

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Device created and enabled! Thanks!

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Thanks Rigpapa,
Giving this a try. Showing “Managing 3 devices, 1 ready”, is this expected for some 40 devices?
Might it be possible to list what devices are being managed?
p.s as far as mains powered zwave i have 4 x aeotec 6 smart switch, 1 x aeotec siren, 1 x aeotec smart dimmer, 3 x aeotec smart LED bulbs, rest are battery, virtual devices and non zwave

So what does this do and why the need for it?

I just manually disabled polling on all my devices and increased the wakeup interval on my battery operated devices to 24 hrs.

My Vera Plus has been stable for a long time.

Alot of the description in in the readme which may help to explain

Only mains-powered ZWave devices would be eligible. From there, any device you configured for no polling (PollSettings == 0) would also be excluded. So it’s quite possible.

As far as mains powered zwave i have 4 x aeotec 6 smart switch, 1 x aeotec siren, 1 x aeotec smart dimmer, 3 x aeotec smart LED bulbs, rest are battery, virtual devices and non zwave. I have not adjusted the polling settings on any of the mains powered devices.

It works around Vera’s broken polling. See https://github.com/toggledbits/Vera-PollRepair/blob/master/README.md

There are cases where polling is needed, most commonly when legacy devices without instant status are involved in automations, particularly as triggers. In my own house, the classic example is that I have lights in my kids’ bedrooms and bathrooms that are time-managed by either DelayLight or Reactor, and they’re on those older devices. If it wasn’t for polling, Vera would never recognize that a light had been turned on manually, and so timing would never start. If conditions like this don’t apply to you, if polling isn’t something you need in your system, then this plugin won’t do anything for you.

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These devices specifically don’t support polling (I have some myself and was surprised to see that they rejected polling requests, but they’re ZP so it makes sense). I’m pretty sure the siren won’t either.

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