VeraPlus migration to?

I need some advice. I have two properties that make use of VeraPlus controllers to control air conditioning, hot water boiler, lights, locks… They are both quite simple configurations – no more that 8 Z-Wave devices at each location. However I make quite extensive use of LUA code, virtual switches and Reactor at both sites. I 100% rely on these controllers to maintain the properties.

I recently tried to purchase a spare VeraPlus, ‘just in case…’ and found they are pretty much unobtainable. This makes me very nervous. If one of the VeraPlus’s fails I will be up a well know creek without a paddle.

I read numerous posts here about bridging, OpenHAB, Home Assistant, MRS, Ezloplus, etc, etc, etc… that just seems confusing and complex to me. What I want is a replacement controller that gives me the functionality of the VeraPlus, has Reactor, or something functionally equivalent, allows me to do a little custom programming, preferably in LUA or Python, has virtual switches or its equivalent and a single box solution. What Ezlo controller matches these requirements? If there is no easy migration path from the VeraPlus I am quite prepared to start again from scratch because my hardware configurations are pretty simple. What I do need is 100% reliability and ease of use (other people intermittently have to interact with the system in my absence).


Hi, I use 2 Vera Plus in a vaccation home. The 2nd Vera is a backup and an image from the 1st. I upload the 1st backup on the 2nd controller. Make sure the 2 “cloned” controller are not switched on the same time (causes a lot of noise in the network). Each controller is connected with a fritz smart plug to my fritzbox. You can remotely switch on/off the controller via the fritzbox.

In 2021 I had no issues with the VeraPlus. I run the latest beta on the controllers and it seems to be rock solid. 2nd. controller wasn’t used this year.

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I just bought a back-up, working V+ on eBay. They are out there. This was was not NIB, but was just had the plastic ripped off and the adapter was still factory tied. The person I bought it from had switched to another controller. I really like the V+ so I am sticking for the foreseeable future. Also this company does a great job of supporting it. Helped me move from a V to a V+ just 9 months ago, got on line to my controller and took care of the transfer. very very nice.