VeraPlus has no bluetooth setting in menu

My veraplus has no Bluetooth setting in the menu. not sure what happen to it?
i have a veralite for many year and decided to go ahead and upgraded to the plus. i transferred my network backup to the plus and the Bluetooth setting is now gone. i defaulted the plus and it still gone. do i need to return it for a another one.

Not until they actually support bluetooth, no.


Veraplus does support Bluetooth i saw the setting in the menu before i did the backup from my old veralite…
anyone else out there know what going on here.

If you say so, chap :wink:


Catman are a tech support from vera or a end user?

I’m just an end user.

I know the marketing puff says the Plus supports Vera, but having been on here for some months, I’m also very very sure that in its current FW version, it simply does not. Mine has no BT options either.

I really don’t mind if you don’t want to believe me, I might well be wrong :slight_smile:

The forum has a pretty good search function, or just raise a ticket with the support desk.


Ok thanks bud . i believe it has Bluetooth function now i saw the setting in my menu before i loaded my backup from my lite. and i see many info about it on here too about the Bluetooth too. i bought my Veraplus from amazon i have 30 day to exchange it. i believe i will do that and start from scratch and not load that backup.

I wish you luck…


It’s disabled starting fw 7.30, but it was not really supported even before. It was just a gimmick feature never implemented.

OK… That make sense why i saw it there in the menu just before it did it own upgrade all by it self and just disappeared afterword. i wanted to test it and see what i could do with it…i was hopping i could do some automatic music when i walk in the
i was thinking it was because of the Restore Z-Wave network i loaded from my vera lite that did it… that why i was here asking. thanks for the info…

It was a botched feature to begin with. What use were you intending for bluetooth? I think for automation it ended up never picking up momentum mostly because of a lack of topology management and shortness of range. Bluetooth never made any sense to me from the beginning.
The only device I remember was an august lock which even went as far as adding a ac powered bridge close to the lock so as to convert the bluetooth signal to wifi or zwave…

In my experience BT mesh networks are not reliable, need line of site and limited to 15-20’ range which for most people would mean a no-go. After all that you can start talking about the non-standardized protocols… It’s gotten better but dont’ forget the Plus is based on older BT version 3.0 maybe or was it 4.0? I don’t think mesh upgrades were until 5.0.

What did you want it for?

My opinion is that Bluetooth has been a FALSE ADVERTISING since ever!
Since i started posting this pics around and in social few days ago… .NOW they removed the logo BLUETOOTH for VERA PLUS… let’s see what they do for VERA SECURE.

they say for security… but many smart lock use bluetooth… so my opinion is that they do not want to spend the time to implement bluetooth properly.

happy to hear your thoughts and share the knoledge!

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And only TODAY, only after having been there for more than half year when they KNEW IT WASN’T really there… only after a customer flagging it… only TODAY they removed the BLUETOOTH logo from the websites…

WELL DONE Vera, very proactive, very customer friendly!



The Bluetooth radio has never worked for anything I don’t think.

Companies are still making them, on the low end. There are bluetooth automatic blind, for example. I come across more bluetooth devices in the wild than z-wave.

I vastly prefer z-wave, but if BT is what’s available, I’ll take it over wifi. It does the job most times, and I’m continually impressed at the range. We have a BT speaker that used to announce my wife’s return from work a dozen seconds in advance by telling me it’d connected to her phone while she was several apartments away down the hall.

Anyway, I have a couple of devices right now that I’d love to control with Vera, and it’s too bad that it isn’t supported.