VeraPlus bricked after loading back up file from Vera 3 UI5

I’ve searched and not found an answer, I also reached out to customer support. I followed all the steps in the Vera write up on how to upgrade to the VeraPlus from Vera3 running UI5. I could view the devices in the new UI7 dashboard, until I went to the next step, and uploaded the UI5 backup to the VeraPlus. The Veraplus just shows up as “controller offline” on the dashboard. I’ve deleted the controller, done a hard reset once (The biggest problem, the Vera 3 is now stuck as a secondary controller) So I could not follow the same steps. I got the VeraPlus working again but cannot transfer the Z-wave data from the Vera3. So I loaded the UI5 backup file again…The unit is again a brick. The hard reset does not work via the 6/6 reset button press, nor through http commands. (Then unit reboots, I just get the power, internet, and wifi lights.
Hoping anyone out there has a suggestion!

Hi, I located your open Customer Care ticket and added what you posted here. I have asked our Team Lead to have an agent get in touch with you as soon as possible. They will get you sorted.

Thank you!