Veraplus bluetooth support

Is there any documentation on how to use bluetooth stack on the vera plus ?
I’m controlling a few devices on my pi3 but I would prefere to centralize everything on my Vera…
I bought it because of its bluetooth capabilities but still can’t figure how to use it…

I’ve found an old post that mention hci commands are available but that doesn’t seem to work anymore:

As for 1.7.2138, yes,… hci-tester, hci_cmd, hcitool, hciattach, hcidump, hciconfig, bdaddr, bccmd, blumon, bluetoothd, bluetoothctl, ble_tool, btgatt-server, btgatt-client, btinfo and btmon are included in the firmware image.

any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Really? That’s brave!

Why not centralize on the RPi? You can have fully integrated control of multiple Veras using openLuup running on there… much more reliable.

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Just to note that the release notes for the latest firmware version (7.30) Release notes for 1.7.4833 under “Firmware” states :-

having Bluetooth disabled from the operating system (OpenWRT) by default. Users can get Bluetooth working on their units by manually installing the appropriate packages.

so the process may change if you upgrade to the latest firmware - BUT see other threads on current experiences with updating to the latest firmware that became available on 20 Nov 2019 such as UI7 ▾ Vera Software Update ▾ 7.0.30 - Nov 20, 2019 or Vera Plus requesting FW update from 1.7.4453 to 1.7.4833 (What and Why?).

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