VeraPlus and it's need to talk to the mother ship?

Yesterday, I had switched my cable plan and it changed my IP and they gave me a new modem.

When the network restored, I lost the ability to control my controller via the LAN (I never use the getvera website.)

The browsers (chrome & firefox) were stuck at the main page where you see the menu list on the left and the spinning green wheel and that’s it.

The lights were:

Internet LED Flashing slow - Unit cannot connect to the internet
Service LED 1. Flashing slow - Cloud Service is not sending data properly

So after a bit of reading, a triple tap of the reset button reset the network settings and the controller was able to contact what ever it needs to contact.

My question is, why dos the controller become a brick if it cannot contact “the mother ship”? This is a major annoyance and for my purposes I see zero benefit of using the getvera portal.

Particularly for firmware older than the current 7.32 beta 4, loss of internet access leads to bad behavior of the controller pretty quickly. For this and other reasons, some users choose to decouple their Veras from the mother ship. This is a reversible process, so if you later need to install or update apps or have some other reason to need their cloud services, you can easily.

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